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Hi @jonburke, I was trying the export/import tool of P2 and I got stuck somehow on my first try. This is more of a suggestion on the message/workflow when importing. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Opened Import Tool.
  2. Clicked on WordPress.
  3. Clicked the link “upload it to import content.”
  4. Browsed for the XML file and got this window below. It says that “Please reassign the authors of the imported items….”. At this point I don’t have the same authors in the new P2 and not enough new users to assign to. I just chose my name on the dropdown that corresponds to Elbert Campos as author from the original site. I left the other 2 unassigned. I clicked “Start import” button. No error message at all or warning.

5. I got this window saying “Success! File Uploaded”. At this point, I thought that the posts/pages/comments were already imported because of the message “Success!”. Though I was curious why the “Cancel” button below instead of Done or Go back to menu.

6. Stuck….. I checked posts and pages, I got nothing.

My second try was a success because this time, I reassigned all authors and got a new window import in progress. May I suggest a message saying that “You MUST reassign authors before importing”. Or if a user clicked the “Start import” button without reassigning the authors, there should be a pop-up message saying “Please reassign authors”.


#featurerequest #suggestion

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