Feature Requests: Accordion block and/or TOC

Hi P2 folks! A #featurerequest:

We’d find very helpful a simple accordion block that can collapse (show/hide) other block content. In wanting to use our P2 as a resource, we keep finding situations where it would be helpful to collapse content (in our situation, text and/or code snippets) to keep the posts from getting overly long.

Another way to keep track on unwieldy posts would be some sort of automatic table of contents block functionality (wikipedia style) that is generated at the top of the post based on heading levels therein.


Custom HTML block in comments

P2 has two very interesting blocks for professional use, one is the PDF block, and the other is the Custom HTML block. The first can be used both in the initial post of a topic and in the comments; the second can only be in the initial post.

In order to use storage capacity more rationally, I would like to ask that the use of the Custom HTML block was also possible in the comments, because, with it, it is possible to share heavier documents hosted on Google Drive (or even files with other media, such as audio).