Bug in the IOS

One of the members of one of my P2’s, who uses the WP app for IOS, reported that whenever he accesses the P2 there is a bug that prevents him from posting; the same happens when he accesses through the mobile browser.

The message that appears always says that the session has expired, although he hasn’t logged out.


Bug report – emoji tags

I had the “brilliant” idea to use emoji for tags. I thought it would be a quick, visual way to filter P2 posts of a certain type.

The first (minor) issue is that the emoji is clipped when creating/adding the tag: https://cln.sh/oMuZsZ

The bigger issue is once you’ve created the emoji tag, it’s escaped and not rendered within the post: https://cln.sh/7wmvR2. They are displayed in the tags menu widget, but again, the image is clipped: https://cln.sh/wt0f1u


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