Bug in the IOS

One of the members of one of my P2’s, who uses the WP app for IOS, reported that whenever he accesses the P2 there is a bug that prevents him from posting; the same happens when he accesses through the mobile browser.

The message that appears always says that the session has expired, although he hasn’t logged out.


Bug report – emoji tags

I had the “brilliant” idea to use emoji for tags. I thought it would be a quick, visual way to filter P2 posts of a certain type.

The first (minor) issue is that the emoji is clipped when creating/adding the tag: https://cln.sh/oMuZsZ

The bigger issue is once you’ve created the emoji tag, it’s escaped and not rendered within the post: https://cln.sh/7wmvR2. They are displayed in the tags menu widget, but again, the image is clipped: https://cln.sh/wt0f1u


Table Block

hi @jonburke I noticed that when I set the “Style” for table block to “Stripes”, the front and back end are giving me different results. On front end, the gridlines are showing. At the back end, the gridlines are not visible. #bug ?

This is the front editor. It has gridlines. But once you click on preview, the gridlines will disappear.

This is the back editor. It doesn’t have gridlines. But once you click on preview, the gridlines will appear.

Reusable Image Block

Hi @jonburke, here is another one which I think is also a #bug on reusable image block. Here are the steps to replicate:

  1. Add an image block and save it as a reusable block.

2. Click the add block icon (+ sign on top left). Go to “Reusable” tab then click “Manage Reusable Blocks”

3. Delete the reusable block that you just created.

4. Go back to the post editor. Notice that image is still there. But once you hit preview/publish, that will disappear.

Inside post editor
This is the preview

5. If you go back to edit the post (both front and back end), the image will still appear.

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