The new P2 reduced my prejudices against the block editor

Although I still consider that it was, at the beginning, a major failure of the Gutenberg project to ignore the needs of users who write long posts (the paragraph block does not meet them), my prejudices against the possibilities of the block editor have diminished a lot with the use of the new P2. Here, for a reason I don’t know, everything seems more accessible and less intimidating (perhaps, the simplicity help). Although, on my traditional sites, I will continue to use the classic editor or the classic block preferably, I am now open to some inovations.

This ease of use that P2 presents must be considered by the responsible team. What I mean is that a secondary use of it, as a small forum, can make many people fall in love with WordPress (and I remember that for this to be effective, in my view, we only need two more resources: a widget with topics that received the latest comments and more control over uploads).

Thanks, P2 team!

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