Hi @jonburke I was going through attaching a file and encountered this problem. Normally, when I use file block and added an image, viewers be able to see the attached image on the postPost Posts let you share long-form, formatted content — like project plans or documentation — directly in P2. They are displayed in reverse chronological order. by simply clicking on it. But today, this happened. When I clicked the attachment (it’s a png file), browser attempted to downloaded the file with an error “Failed – No file”.

When I checked my media on the back endBack end The back end is the area that authorized users can sign into to add, remove and modify content on the website. This may also be referred to as “WordPress”, “admin” or “the administration area.”, I can see that the file is sitting there.

Have you or anyone @all encountered this error?

Today I discovered the details of the P2 + plan, which seemed very well formatted for the use of P2 in some work environment.

So, I would like to know, since we are dealing with a product that runs in parallel to others of Automattic, if anyone who uses the tool for other purposes, such as a forum or in the educational field, will have the opportunity to make specific upgrades, especially space, like the ones that existed on WP.com before the plans (and without that implying an expansion of the type of files that can be posted – I prefer not to have an extension in the types of files, as this would require more moderation work).

Hey @jonburke thanks for the invite.
Greetings everyone @all
These are my links:
http://sotogregg.com/ (Main WordPress site + Divi ThemeTheme A theme in WordPress is a collection of files that controls the overall look and feel of a site.)
http://network.sotogregg.com/ (Subdomain WordPress Network)
https://webmastersotogregg.wordpress.com/ (Subdomain WordPress Portfolio)
https://sotogreggteam.wordpress.com/ (Subdomain P2 Public Worksite)
Any questions, feel free to ask…

PD: P2 Looks Good. ☕️

I don’t find it easy to switch between p2s. The product experience is to be on the front end of the main posts page in a p2. Right now the quickest way is for me to just type the corresponding url into the browser bar, which works well for my computing style.

WordPress menus seem to always send to backend

However, using any of the wp.com buttons/links in the top bar send me into the WordPress app or the larger backend for my p2s and blogs. Maybe there’s a quicker route but it seems there’s still a lot of clicking to get back to the front end.

stay on the front end, at least for non-creators

Personally I like the wp.com backend but not so much for my p2 experience. I’d rather go to the p2 front end and see new commentsComments Comments are the main way in P2 for you and your team to reply to posts and keep the conversation going. They’re located at the bottom of each post, and are organized in threads. Learn more. and posts there than gauge in the WordPress reader or the mobile app reader.

I acknowledge that this all stems from my personal experience. I’m curious what everyone else thinks, especially multiple p2 powerusers like @radtrad and @peterdoug

While not enjoying wp reader or mobile app for p2s individually or in aggregate, I acknowledge this is a personal preference. But I’m curious how y’all feel

On top of the clunkier clicking situation, I think it’s a confusing and unnecessary space for community users of a p2, or non-technical users of multiple company p2s.

Make it easy to p2 all over the place

I may be wrong In not seeing a quick way to click between p2s, and I’m just missing some easy steps on mobile and desktop. However, since a p2s usage is distinct from other group blogging experience, I think it’s important to keep them segmented/grouped and always directing to the front end.

My initial thought would be a p2 drop down from the front end admin barAdmin bar The admin bar is the fixed black bar that appears at the top of your P2 when you’re logged into your WordPress.com account. It’s an easy-to-access toolbar with a few shortcuts to some central WordPress.com dashboard pages.. Place the p2 logo next to the WordPress logo in the admin bar, clicking or hovering would expand a list of p2s… Or design the backend experience so that when using a p2, the first screen on the wp.com backend lists the users’ p2s and clicking brings the user to the p2s front end.

#featurerequest #nontechnicaluser #multiplep2s

Over the last day, I’ve been reviewing the conversations going back to the beginning of this blog. There’s so much good conversation, discussion, and questioning. Thank you all for contributing your words.

I’ve tried all the different ways to shuffle between posts.
  • Scrolling through expanded view, clicking load more at the bottom
  • Scrolling through compact view, hitting ‘j’ to move down and highlight
  • clicking the next and last postPost Posts let you share long-form, formatted content — like project plans or documentation — directly in P2. They are displayed in reverse chronological order. links at the bottom of other posts
  • using new posts in the menu

They’re all pretty intuitive. Compact view is my favorite. It allows me to choose my direction before getting lost in conversation. It’s like email.

Q:Is there a way to expand a selected post in compact view?

Q: Are there other keyboard shortcuts for compact view?

I want to remember a friend long retired, Google Reader. One of it’s joys was being able to scan the headlines of the aggregated rss posts, using ‘j’, and the using some other keyboard shortcuts to open, close, share, etc.

One of the things I liked about that platform was you could toggle an expanded or at least excerpted view without being redirected to the post itself.

Unfortunately in compact view it seems the only option is to then go to the individual post page, as opposed to expanding the post.

I’ve found I can use j and k to scroll but haven’t figured/found other keyboard shortcuts. Maybe there’s a doc I should have read instead of asking. And just for fun, I’m curious


Thanks for adding me. I’m a big automattic fan, recovering BuddyPress addict, and love the re-emergence of p2.
I currently live in Austin Texas with my wife, who leads a chatbot team at godaddy, and our kids.

I was confused and intrigued when o2 disappeared and didn’t fully take flight. Glad to see this project is full of life and generating constructive feedback.

I hope to share value and meet some amazing minds.


You can drag and drop our click + and then PDF and upload a PDF like this.


  • Figure my way around P2.
  • Invite team-mates.
  • We now waste less time searching in email.

Or make them check-lists.

  • Invite team-mates.
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