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I am opening this topic to talk a little bit about the way we are using P2, which is a tool that can go beyond what was initially planned. So far I am using P2 in three different situations:

  • As an intranet for a small publisher of philosophy books (I talked about this in this topic);
  • As a discussion and tutoring hub for student groups;
  • As a forum (in the testing phase, but with positive signs).

In the last few days I have been thinking that P2 can be interesting also for those who want to promote community journalism in a small geographic area (such as a neighborhood).

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File Block Using PNG File

Hi @jonburke I was going through attaching a file and encountered this problem. Normally, when I use file block and added an image, viewers be able to see the attached image on the post by simply clicking on it. But today, this happened. When I clicked the attachment (it’s a png file), browser attempted to downloaded the file with an error “Failed – No file”.

When I checked my media on the back end, I can see that the file is sitting there.

Have you or anyone @all encountered this error?

Testing PDF Upload

I have uploaded this 2 Page PDF two ways. The first one only displays the first page, not what I want. But this is what I get when a client uploads a PDF using the PDF format.

The second way is to upload a File and have the Download button (See Below).

I need the client to use the second way if the PDF viewing format is not set for multi page scrolling. It would almost be better to now have the PDF function available in the P2 theme.

Right now my fix is to just grab the file from the media library and fix it for the client. Would rather not have to do this. There is also the chance I need someone to point out I am doing something wrong here. I will not be offended.

Interested on other points of view.


THIS IS THE WAY – See below

Thank you to all!

Grateful to all of you who contribute, inspire and help make the P2 Theme better. On several occasions when I‘ve encountered a “bug” or a “glitch” I tell my business partner I’ve “posted to the group and will most likely have an answer before I wake up the next morning.” – Be safe everyone!

Level of Security

My business partner and I now have set up a couple of P2 sites with Clients. Originally they were created for better management to get things done. Sometimes we need to share financial documents with sensitive information. Names, Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers and financial data about a company.

Right now we pass this information in an Encrypted E Mail or a Shared Folder from our DropBox account.

This is most likely an overall WordPress question but how secure do we feel a file upload is in WordPress like a PDF of a tax return? Is there some documentation about security for WordPress? If it is secure it might be a faster way to communicate in the middle of a project.

I should clarify – I am only asking about security for documents and spreadsheets. We are not doing any e commerce off of out site.

Is anyone else thinking about this?

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