Unique P2 Issue?

I began using P2 for private client communications in late 2020. P2 allows me to better step into their world without all the noise of email, Slack channels, etc. I create a shared folder/file structure in Google Workspace and leverage P2 for communicating and collaboration. We’re usually 90/10 Posts to Pages but I have clients who like to move contracts, agreements, wikis, etc. to Pages.

They get P2. But generally speaking, reviews have been mixed. Those who use it love it and will likely continue to use it even when our work together has wrapped which is core to my Post and question. They tend to be the more technically savvy types. Those who begin using it then revert to their old ways are often data disorganized anyway. A work in progress – I’ll continue to work on building a list of cohorts who get P2.

There is a challenge I hadn’t considered until recently; Disposition of the P2 as we wrap up activities? When a client engagement comes to a close, how do I move the site along with all Posts/Pages to them and off My Sites? Is this possible? I presume a WordPress account is needed and with any luck I’ve converted them to a level they’ll consider using P2 going forward.

Is there a reasonably frictionless way to do this? Thx. M

Draft Post Gone

I was working on a lengthy Post over a period of 10-12 days, adding data and information on the topic, one-item-at-a-time, and now it’s gone. I closed the P2 at one point to allow system updates on my device and when I re-opened the next day the Post draft was still the first thing I saw. I opened today and it doesn’t show in Posts or Drafts. Search reveals nothing.

I see no way to step back in time to restore a previous version. What have I done and is there a remedy? Thx. M

P2 user cases

(@peterdoug image)

I am opening this topic to talk a little bit about the way we are using P2, which is a tool that can go beyond what was initially planned. So far I am using P2 in three different situations:

  • As an intranet for a small publisher of philosophy books (I talked about this in this topic);
  • As a discussion and tutoring hub for student groups;
  • As a forum (in the testing phase, but with positive signs).

In the last few days I have been thinking that P2 can be interesting also for those who want to promote community journalism in a small geographic area (such as a neighborhood).

#archive, #tip

File Block Using PNG File

Hi @jonburke I was going through attaching a file and encountered this problem. Normally, when I use file block and added an image, viewers be able to see the attached image on the post by simply clicking on it. But today, this happened. When I clicked the attachment (it’s a png file), browser attempted to downloaded the file with an error “Failed – No file”.

When I checked my media on the back end, I can see that the file is sitting there.

Have you or anyone @all encountered this error?

P2+ and upgrades

Today I discovered the details of the P2 + plan, which seemed very well formatted for the use of P2 in some work environment.

So, I would like to know, since we are dealing with a product that runs in parallel to others of Automattic, if anyone who uses the tool for other purposes, such as a forum or in the educational field, will have the opportunity to make specific upgrades, especially space, like the ones that existed on WP.com before the plans (and without that implying an expansion of the type of files that can be posted – I prefer not to have an extension in the types of files, as this would require more moderation work).

@mention Name Display

Hello @jonburke I have a question how name is displayed when you do @mention. I have @mention showing my name in plain text while the other one is underlined highlighted in blue. What are the instances/scenarios that P2 will use plain text and underlined highlight in blue? What is the impact of these 2 @mentions? Kindly check the screenshots below:

Both of these posts appeared under “My mention” section on the left pane.

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