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From threaded to flat

@evilluendas, @jonburke, @migueluy: One of the problems I’ve noticed, and a lot of my main P2 members too (complaints are growing), is the fact that when we get to the last level of comments (threaded) to continue in a subdiscussion we have to go back up a bit. Wouldn’t it be possible, whenever we reach the last level, for it to always have the “reply” button activated, so that from this point forward the comments were sequentially (flat)?

Obviously, I mean one more option 😉

Custom HTML block in comments

P2 has two very interesting blocks for professional use, one is the PDF block, and the other is the Custom HTML block. The first can be used both in the initial post of a topic and in the comments; the second can only be in the initial post.

In order to use storage capacity more rationally, I would like to ask that the use of the Custom HTML block was also possible in the comments, because, with it, it is possible to share heavier documents hosted on Google Drive (or even files with other media, such as audio).


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