Posts/Pages instead of New Posts, New Comments, My Mentions, etc.?

I can’t say I’m loving this change to P2 which I now see also affects all my own P2’s. Can someone explain the rational for the change and whether we have the option of changing it back to the way it was previously? Thanks.

Also, I see a “submit for review” button below the posting area instead of Post. AFAIK I am a Contributor here, so are there now different role permissions on P2 sites?


@jonburke, when trying to link a specific comment from this P2 in the comments section of @justjennifer blog, I noticed that there was always a card, but with a link to the topic (post), not to the comment. I tested it on other sites and saw that the same thing happened. What is that? See:

File Block Using PNG File

Hi @jonburke I was going through attaching a file and encountered this problem. Normally, when I use file block and added an image, viewers be able to see the attached image on the post by simply clicking on it. But today, this happened. When I clicked the attachment (it’s a png file), browser attempted to downloaded the file with an error “Failed – No file”.

When I checked my media on the back end, I can see that the file is sitting there.

Have you or anyone @all encountered this error?

Comments in public P2´s

@jonburke, my public P2 is almost ready to be launched (in my planning, this would happen in March), so I would like to know if there has been any development in the issue we discussed here.

In summary: we note that anyone, or any user, can comment on public P2. This is very unsatisfactory. So, I launched the following proposal:

There should be two types of public websites: those where only members can comment and those that anyone (with a account) can (with approval or not for comments made by non members).

Thanks for the help!


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