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Create Your Own “What I’m Working On” Post

A colleague was inspired by the “now page” philosophy, and set out to create a personal space on his team’s P2 to track his work. I thought it might be of interest to the community here.

His habit is to add a new post to his team’s P2, and Reply each week with his tasks he plans to accomplish. These are not granular or very detailed, but the general overview of project work he needs, or hopes, to accomplish each week.

For each reply, he titles it “Week [n]: [Date range]” so he can track where he’s at in the month/year. He then broke the tasks into four sections: Meetings, Main tasks, Internal tasks, and Personal tasks. The progress bar, task block, and the changelog block come in handy so he can track progress and mark tasks that need shifted to the next week or put on hold altogether.

Derek’s What I’m working On Post

New P2 formats

@jonburke, I’ve not created a new P2 for a few months. Clearly good things happening with product evolution but my use case is focused on collaboration (as we’ve discussed) and I require both simple set up and ease of use for my clients who are usually not bloggers.

The value prop for me has been and is:

  • Prioritizing team communications and collaborations on projects
  • Planning, organizing, and sharing project status
  • Documenting opportunities and decisions
  • Asynchronous communications with geographically distributed teams
  • Leverage as a knowledgebase on an engagement via Search

I tried creating a P2 for a new client today. First one I’d done since October, 2021. Skipping Theme selection didn’t go well so I went back and selected the best option I could find – one from Automattic that promoted simplicity in design and set up and was neither.

If getting the basics requires a paid plan, I have no issue with that but want to be certain the P2 trajectory doesn’t lose its original use as a communications/collaboration tool for projects. For my needs I would prefer the more traditional theme like the screenshots still presented on and throughout the P2–The New Working website, like this:

From P2 website

And this….,

My clients, as you know are generally not bloggers but I’ve developed a good toolset that combines P2, Slack channel (if in doubt P2 it!) Google Workspace which has virtually eliminated email communications. Thought I found my comfort zone but change is inevitable, I guess.

Welcome any/all feedback from the community. Thx M

Browser not supported (Safari)

I have a member of our group that has a newish MacBook and recently when he logs on to the forum with Safari, he gets the message “browser not supported’. He has cleared his cache and deleted cookies but still has this issue. He is getting around it by using Chrome but do you know what is causing this and how it can be rectified?

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