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Posts Display Order

Is it possible to sort Posts in date order as they were originally created? I realize the value in ordering based on most recent Post or Comment published but there are times when I want/need to see the timing and order on which Posts were created. Is this possible? Thx. M

URL Link Embedding Issue

I’ve been seeing this happen intermittently…,

when I want to embed a URL in a text element, I highlight the text, click the link icon (or ctrl+k) in Text Block Editor ribbon, then I paste the URL and hit enter but it doesn’t take. It’s as if the action never took place. When it happens I’m forced to start again, insert the link and either click the URL button or the ‘open in new tab button’ and again, it closes. I must then re-open to click “open in a new tab” to complete. it’s a 3 step process. In the past I’ve been able to do this via a single set of actions. Anyone else experiencing this?

Posts List Order

Is it possible to create a Post order in compact view list? I use a naming convention in many of posts. For example, I might create multiple posts – [Name] Operations>[Topic] It would be preferable to see them grouped together when I go to Compact View. Search gets me closer but any other reference made to that post title (I often embed Post links in other posts for reference) shows up. Thx. M


From threaded to flat

@evilluendas, @jonburke, @migueluy: One of the problems I’ve noticed, and a lot of my main P2 members too (complaints are growing), is the fact that when we get to the last level of comments (threaded) to continue in a subdiscussion we have to go back up a bit. Wouldn’t it be possible, whenever we reach the last level, for it to always have the “reply” button activated, so that from this point forward the comments were sequentially (flat)?

Obviously, I mean one more option 😉