From threaded to flat

@evilluendas, @jonburke, @migueluy: One of the problems I’ve noticed, and a lot of my main P2 members too (complaints are growing), is the fact that when we get to the last level of comments (threaded) to continue in a subdiscussion we have to go back up a bit. Wouldn’t it be possible, whenever we reach the last level, for it to always have the “reply” button activated, so that from this point forward the comments were sequentially (flat)?

Obviously, I mean one more option 😉

Likes and Sharing

Hello @jonburke, I’m looking at this new “Likes and Sharing” option under Jetpack.

Under Jetpack settings>>Marketing and Integrations>>Sharing Buttons, I added “Email”

I also made sure that “Posts” is checked under “Show like and sharing buttons on”.

Upon publishing the post, I can still see the same set of icons below a post.

Is this feature not yet fully implemented?

File Block Using PNG File

Hi @jonburke I was going through attaching a file and encountered this problem. Normally, when I use file block and added an image, viewers be able to see the attached image on the post by simply clicking on it. But today, this happened. When I clicked the attachment (it’s a png file), browser attempted to downloaded the file with an error “Failed – No file”.

When I checked my media on the back end, I can see that the file is sitting there.

Have you or anyone @all encountered this error?

Project Status Block is Live on P2

The P2 team has been testing a new project status block and it is now available here and on your P2s. This is how it looks:

Launch Project Status Block

Design UI


Code it up


Test it

Post announcement


Clicking on the circle once marks it as “in progress.” Click twice and the task is marked as done with a strike-through.

The project status block is similar to the task block. A difference in the use case might be that the project status block is for a sequence of tasks that leads to the completion of the project.

Whereas with the task block the items might not be related to each other and there isn’t a completion time focus. A general to-do list might be a good fit for the task block.

I hope you find this block intuitive but of course please comment if you have questions.

Blockquote styling

I see P2 mainly as a discussion board for teams. In any good exchange of ideas, one needs to refer to what someone else said and comment back on it. For this purpose, maybe inline commenting would be too much. But I would certainly appreciate a cleaner blockquoute styling.

The current style of the blockquotes in P2 seem more appropiate for literary passages or small length excerpts.


I would suggest something with a thick quote border and without transforming the text to italics. Medium to long passages might be harder to read with the current styling.

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