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Premium Block

Do we have a list of premium blocks here in P2? I just added “Whatsapp” block and publish it. When I view the published version, there is a message saying “Upgrade your plan to use this premium block”.

When I click on the “Upgrade” button, the page just refreshed and nothing happened.

Also, when I tried to click on the green “Chat on WhatsApp” icon, it brought me to whatsapp site. Seems to be working…

Spotify Block Spacing

Hello @jonburke I was trying to add/share a podcast from Matt Mullenweg, “Distributed“, using the Spotify block. I find the spacing a bit too much between the player and the custom text that you can add. Is this a Spotify thing?

Also, when I try to add playlist, there’s a huge blank area below the player. This is where the list of songs will appear (on preview/published).

This is happening on both front and back end.

Once published, this is how it looks like:

Mobile has a much better view. It doesn’t have those huge spacing.

Podcast player and custom text has the right spacing in between.

Playlist doesn’t have a blank space after the last song.