Welcoming The New Changelog Block

We rolled out a new block today called changelog. You can read a post about it on the somewhat new P2 Updates.

If you haven’t used a changelog it’s a nice visual representation of what your team or company is working on or where your project stands. Here’s what it looks like:

Posted news on P2Feedback.
Added a video walk-through on P2 Updates.
Right sized the screen grab.
Number of changelogs posted.

If you have any ideas for how you might use the changelog please leave a comment.

The P2 Changelog is good value

You can find standalone changelog products that cost $50 to $279 per month. In contrast with P2 it is yet another block.

P2 Integrates Figma

Today we announced an integration partnership with Figma. If you use Figma or are interested in using their design tool we think the combination of P2 and Figma will thrill you.

Here’s how it works. Say you, or a designer you work with, creates design elements in Figma. You probably want to share the latest version. Until now this means you probably are emailing screen grabs broadly, and whenever you update you send more screen grabs. In short, version control is painful.

With the P2 integration, you can just connect to Figma and your team can view your latest designs. What’s more your team can contribute to the Figma designs with comments, likes, votes and more.

How to Make the P2 + Figma Integration Work

As with other P2 integrations simply click on the + sign in the front page editor and search for Figma. You will then be prompted to enter the Figma URL.

Step 1 : Copy the link to the art board or prototype from Figma
Step 2: Add the Figma block and paste the link into it

If you are not familiar with Figma and want to learn more I can recommend this post – Figma – Worth the Hype? Absolutely. The Figma team also shared this high level overview:

  • Figma was recently voted to be “the most exciting design tool of 2021” in UXTools.co’s survey with over 4000 designers 
  • Figma is the third fastest growing apps on Okta’s 2021 Businesses at Work report.
  • Customers include Automattic, British Telecom, Twitter, Spotify, Rakuten, Google, Microsoft, Condé Nast, and more.
  • Figma raised $50M in April 2020 led by a16z.

P2 Interactive Glossary Testing

This is an announcement that I am very excited about 🔥. We are now openly testing here P2 Glossary, a simple yet powerful tool to help P2 users and readers to define and easily understand acronyms and other terms that they might not recognize.

It’s common to find lists of glossary items on the web such as this one. Such lists can be a bit annoying because one might head-scratch over a term, then Google that term, then visit Wikipedia or another reference site where often the results include several definitions. P2 Glossary promises to remove this loop by enabling custom glossary development for each P2 together with a dead simple way for readers to find definitions.


We developed a basic interactive glossary and it is now running on this P2. You aren’t able to activate it currently on your own P2s. To see it in action simply hover over the first mention of ‘glossary’ above. Below is a screen grab example as well.

An example of definition
  • One use case example is deciphering acronyms and project or tools names. I try to avoid acronyms on this P2 but on other P2s I follow I wonder what is FG, HE, AT, GT, etc.?
  • Even if the name is not a cryptic acronym, finding a short overview, reason for existence, history, and goals, can be challenging.
  • This tool auto-converts occurrences of glossary words in P2 posts/comments to links to the glossary items. To be clear you do not need to find use of these terms on your P2 and link them; P2 Glossary will find them for you.
  • Any matches are underlined with a dotted line, and hovering them with the cursor will load the definition in a popup.
  • Glossary definitions support rich formatting, so tooltips can have text, links and even images, so they can be very powerful.


  • Only the first occurrence of a term in a post is highlighted
  • Terms less than 4 characters long are case sensitive. This it so the word ‘at’ doesn’t get highlighted for AT. But longer terms will ignore case.
  • The glossary doesn’t allow duplicate definitions for the same term, so you have to input them inline in a single field.

Easy as that!

How to Test

Please report any issues by commenting on this post.

If you have any use cases in mind for P2’s glossary it would be great to learn about them.


New P2 Help Section

If you click on the Help link at the bottom of the side-bar this will now take you to P2 Help. Previously that link went to WordPress.com support but as much in P2 works differently from standard WordPress.com it makes sense to have it’s own support site.

If you ever see anything you think is missing there please comment.

New P2 Improvements in the WordPress Apps

We have some recent improvements to the mobile apps. We’d like to highlight a few features you might enjoy.

Inserting Crossposts and User Mentions

As of the 16.5 mobile app release, the Mobile Editor offers a list of suggestions when you attempt to insert a crosspost or user mention.

How it works

Inserting a ‘+’ or ‘@’ character now displays a list of all available suggestions for you to select from. You can also trigger this UI with a button in the format toolbar. Typing while the list is displayed filters the suggestions.

Where you can find it

In any block supporting rich text in the Gutenberg Editor on mobile.

Following Conversations

This is a handy feature that many of us use in P2s to great effect. 

How it works

Similar to the web experience, tap the Follow conversation button to receive emailed notification of new comments to a post.  If you decide you no longer wish to be notified, tap the button again to unsubscribe.

Where you can find it

In the mobile readers, view a post that has comments enabled. In the list of comments find the Follow conversation button and click it. You’ll be prompted that you’re successfully subscribed to comments on the post. 

Followed P2s Reader Stream

The mobile readers now have a menu item dedicated to our new P2s. 

How it works

You’ll see a new “Followed P2s” tab in the mobile readers.  This tab shows a list of all the posts for your P2s. The ability to filter the list to view posts for a specific P2 is coming in the near future.

Where you can find it

Select the Reader tab in the mobile WordPress app and find the Followed P2s menu item in the navigation bar.

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