Recommended integrations

We are at all volunteer team. Our internal teams use P2, however, we have a mission critical external support team that uses Slack. To avoid duplicate entries, and to keep these teams connected, are there recommended integrations that would allow the internal team to stick with P2, while the external team uses Slack? Thank you.

Access best practice

At, we are using P2 as an internal team collaboration tool. We are an all volunteer organization, but treat our regular volunteers as staff. I’ve been limiting access to our P2 site only to email addresses from our org, assigning new staff email addresses as we go. Now, I’m wondering if this is necessary and even practical vs. allowing access via whatever email volunteers choose to obtain their WordPress IDs. My instinct was to do whatever WordPress does for their internal P2 access, but I really don’t know what that is. How should I approach our volunteer access to the internal P2? Thanks.

Extra title field

@jonburke – an author typed a post without a title or header on our magliteracyP2, so a title was automatically formed from the first few words of the post. Wanting to keep things consistent for now, I went in to edit the post as admin via the iOS WP app to add a header. Anything I enter in the “title” does not show in the post, but a header does show, if I type it there. When I go to edit the post, it retains the empty title in edit mode, but if enter edit mode on other posts, the title field does not show. It’s not a show stopper, but it’s inconsistent, which makes me wonder if there is now a data issue with this particular post. In HTML mode, it shows “title” and another earlier post does not.

@jonburke we are love love loving P2 – we finally have an internal team repository for our discussions, decisions, and news. The ore we use it, the more natural it feels. We’ve been struggling with this for a while, wanting to keep all our tools on the same platform.

Error editing post

I was posting via Safari from my iPhone. I noticed some typos. I believe I could select edit from the … menu on the post, and got this result (oops – can’t upload image – says “Sorry, you are not allowed to create posts as this user”. Anyway, the message I got when I tried to edit was “block contains unexpected or invalid content” with a button “Attempt block recovery”. When I hit the button, the post was blanked out 😦 I canceled out, but saw a switch to classic option that allowed me to fix the typos and save and submit.

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