Browser not supported (Safari)

I have a member of our group that has a newish MacBook and recently when he logs on to the forum with Safari, he gets the message “browser not supported’. He has cleared his cache and deleted cookies but still has this issue. He is getting around it by using Chrome but do you know what is causing this and how it can be rectified?

Onboarding Observations

We had an onboarding Zoom session the other week for members of our photography group.

All members are over 50 years of age, about half in retirement and some not at all confident with computer technology.

One member was unable to join our P2 as the Accept button in the invitation email wouldn’t work when he clicked it. I have sent him another and am waiting to hear back from him.

By the end of the evening, they all seemed keen to use P2 and were excited about creating their own online photo galleries.

A few observations from me from that session:

  • It is not clear where to type the subject/title for a new post. Clicking and typing over the words Hi @…… what’s happening? will automatically create a title block for your post but it isn’t obvious for new users.
    I wondered whether the wording could be altered a little to read ‘Hi @…… Type the subject of your new post here.’ or similar.
  • The full editor screen when accessed from the front end is not the same as that when accessed from the backend.
    When you access from the frontend you do not get the Post tab therefore, importantly for us, we are unable to access the categories section. We are using categories as a menu system for navigating the forum so important that each post is assigned a category.
    It is confusing too for members as members were accessing from both areas and seeing a different editing screen.
    Is there a reason why the Post tab is not visible when accessing from the front end?
  • When a member clicks on the New Comments menu item, the tick appears and the number of comments yet to be read disappears even though you may not have read them.
  • I’ll post a new topic about how we plan to develop the photo galleries.

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