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Writing a new post plus possible Safari bug

Hi, has something changed in regard to creating a new post on this P2 forum view page?

With this P2 I don’t see any box or anyway to obviously start writing a new post except going into the black side bar and doing New Post.

In the recent past I have used the keyboard shortcut of C but this doesn’t work for me in Safari my preferred browser – is this a bug?

Am I missing something obvious?

With my own P2 there is a “Hi username what’s happening” at the top with a New Post button. However the button only works when you are in Chrome. With Safari the button doesn’t open – again a bug?


A Little Confused with new P2 Home page

Having used P2 fairly successfully with my photography group, I am recommending it to my village’s new Biodiversity Group. I therefore created a new P2 with a new WordPress account. I now have two P2s as another was created at the sometime with general after the name I specified.

If I understand correctly, one of the P2s is the Hub so no one can make posts – it will just display all my P2s for that workspace and as I haven’t upgraded, it will display just the other new one with general it its name. Is it this general one that I should be inviting other members of the Biodiversity Group to join?

When I created the P2, I made it private. Now I want to share it with the chairman of the group, I have changed the settings on the general P2 to public but the workspace P2 remains as Private and there are no options on the Settings menu to make it public – does this matter?

Since I first started this post, I now understand it. If I invite members to the Hub/Home P2, they will be members of all the sub groups. If I invite them to the general group, they will be guests and have access to that P2 only.

Browser not supported (Safari)

I have a member of our group that has a newish MacBook and recently when he logs on to the forum with Safari, he gets the message “browser not supported’. He has cleared his cache and deleted cookies but still has this issue. He is getting around it by using Chrome but do you know what is causing this and how it can be rectified?