I was intrigued because I received a notificationNotification P2 notifications keep you informed about things that need your attention. On desktop find them in the bell icon in your top right corner. Also find notifications in your WordPress apps. about this P2 thing right at the time I’m looking for some way to improve our volunteer onboarding/training/collaboration processes. I doubt P2 is going to be the answer for that but it may have some other uses.

Right now we have our volunteers fill out a volunteer application, train and certify them and then let them loose on various tasks. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how I might incorporate P2. I’ve got to point the volunteers essentially at wordpress to have them create an account? We assign volunteers to teams which have names and they do a bit of competition sometimes. I could create several P2’s – one for each team, but I wonder if that makes any sense. They can have access to more than one P2 obviously, but does this then just create redundancy? Does one create a ‘central’ P2 for all of the teams and they break out into their team P2’s? Is there a way to create an umbrella? What I notice is that the “Create a new P2” link is constantly there even after one has created a P2. Does that mean that creating a lot of P2’s is encouraged?

In reading about it I found this: “Automattic has been iterating on the concept and using it widely with its 1,300 employees across 912 internal P2 sites.”

It would seem the answer is yes 🙂 My question is, regarding documents and certain artifacts that might have group-wide importance, How does Automattic deal with such things? Engineering team 4 is working on a spec, there must be some sort of vertical publishing mechanism or process to push it up. Work on it in a sub-p2 and then once it’s approved it gets pushed to a larger P2, like “All Engineering” or something?

What does one do to prevent “orphaned” information in a sub-group’s P2? What’s the mechanism you guys use internally to represent P2 relationships? Is there such a concept? Does it not matter?

Sorry if these questions do not satisfy input. I am just trying to wrap my mind around how I might use it. Obviously Automattic believes in this thing.

Hah! Here’s a conundrum – is it even possible to add your company name to the dictionary ? Automattic always highlights as a spelling error. How would it be possible to add it to the dictionary without causing lots of unintended spelling errors? 🙂

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