Hi Guys, I need a small question answered. So I submitted the sitemap of my site and verified the site on Google Search Console but up to this date it says Processing Data Please Check Back Later. Now the wierd thing is if you Google “astar blogs” you get the Facebook page and YouTube Channel but not the website. Googling “astar blogs p2” gives you the homepage. But when you Google site:astarblogs.p2.blog/ every page is listed.

I’ve checked the robots.txt file and there is no blocking of the website by the theme. Any idea how to fix it?

The dire need for Sharing Buttons

Dear Developers,

Social Media influences people a lot doesn’t it? The way that people love to share stuff is by social media. And that is precisely why I feel that you need to allow sharing buttons on the posts as quickly as possible

How it will improve the experience

The P2 theme is really amazing beyond doubt. However the major drawback is that any visitor to the site whether it’s a forum or a public multi author website like mine, including sharing buttons as well as reblog buttons allows us as the site owners to add a bit of professionalism to the site..

I thank you again for this amazing theme. Please inc

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