P2’s Year in Review and Look Ahead

2021 has been the apex of P2’s evolution since the product was launched in 2009 and relaunched in 2020. One reason for P2’s rapid evolution has been that so many people at Automattic contributed to improving everything behind the scenes from the apps to performance to new blocks.

Organizations that have standardized on P2 recognize that the vision for the platform is to offer freedom from the drudgery of email, waves of Zoom calls, and attention-diverting live chats. P2 offers asynchronous communications powered by the highly regarded WordPress editor. In 2022, P2 users will see new windows open with more expansive features including a people directory and P2 Patterns.

Here are some highlights from 2021:

A Peak at What’s Next For P2 in 2022

Collaborative editing means you will be able to work on P2 draft with teammates before posting.

More Integrations. A top P2 benefit is that your team can share content from apps that not all can access. In 2022, we will continue to add more integrations. If you use Slack and P2, you will be able to easily pick Slack messages that you decide are important and should be shared in P2.

Conversely, you will also be able to receive new post notifications for P2 sites in your workspace. A channel can be subscribed to multiple P2s. ⬇️

Github embeds and more integrations. If you use Github, you will be able to embed Github issues.

People Directory will allow you to manage the members in your workspace, invite more and keep profiles for each to learn more about them and see their activity. ⬇️

P2 Patterns. You may have heard of the WordPress Block Patterns. P2 is bringing on a new way for you to copy and reuse formatting.

New Hosting Options. P2 has its first customers hosted on WordPress VIP and will continue to expand on that momentum.

Let us know what P2 features you want to see in 2022. We can only hope that you are as excited about P2 in 2022 as we are. Keep going with your P2 and as always stay in touch!