P2 Integrates Figma

Today we announced an integration partnership with Figma. If you use Figma or are interested in using their design tool we think the combination of P2 and Figma will thrill you.

Here’s how it works. Say you, or a designer you work with, creates design elements in Figma. You probably want to share the latest version. Until now this means you probably are emailing screen grabs broadly, and whenever you update you send more screen grabs. In short, version control is painful.

With the P2 integration, you can just connect to Figma and your team can view your latest designs. What’s more your team can contribute to the Figma designs with comments, likes, votes and more.

How to Make the P2 + Figma Integration Work

As with other P2 integrations simply click on the + sign in the front page editor and search for Figma. You will then be prompted to enter the Figma URL.

Step 1 : Copy the link to the art board or prototype from Figma
Step 2: Add the Figma block and paste the link into it

If you are not familiar with Figma and want to learn more I can recommend this post – Figma – Worth the Hype? Absolutely. The Figma team also shared this high level overview:

  • Figma was recently voted to be “the most exciting design tool of 2021” in UXTools.co’s survey with over 4000 designers 
  • Figma is the third fastest growing apps on Okta’s 2021 Businesses at Work report.
  • Customers include Automattic, British Telecom, Twitter, Spotify, Rakuten, Google, Microsoft, Condé Nast, and more.
  • Figma raised $50M in April 2020 led by a16z.

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