Task Block Launch

We have discussed the Task Block here. It is now live on all P2s. 💥

What is a Task?

A task represents a piece of work or activity that needs to be done and you want to coordinate your team and track the status. What’s nice about the task block is that while it looks simple and clean there are a number of options that we will explore here.

Show how to add the task block.

from November 24 to 25

Show how to mark as done.

from November 24 to 25

Show how to assign a task.

from November 23 to 25

Show how to set a start and end date

from November 25 to 26

How to Add the Task Block

As with other blocks simply click the + sign in editor and searchSearch Using search in P2 it's easy to come back to the right messages and files when you need to. Use the search field to find a post, page or file. P2+ comes with advanced search to narrow results using filters and modifiers. for Task.

How to Mark As Done

When you click on the circle next to each task it will cross through, marking as done.

How to Assign a Task to Somebody

You hover over the task block and see the option to assign it.

You click on the button and the user selector pops up.

How To Set a Due Date

You can tweak start-end date from the block options, highlighting the block then click on the setting icon. ⚙️

Please Share Your Thoughts

If you have any use cases for task block or have any ideas on how to improve it please let us know.

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