I postPost Posts let you share long-form, formatted content — like project plans or documentation — directly in P2. They are displayed in reverse chronological order. here as I work through my onboarding challenges. Introducing anything new to a work team is a challenge and more of a challenge to a group of related people. I am currently onboarding a study group (8) and a golf course board of directors (15). P2 will make easier the communication and work flow for both groups but they all have to buy in for this to work because this will be the way we share information. This is a switch from E Mail which I hope to completely eliminate except for side bar conversations. Here are a few steps I am taking to help get team members up to speed and active users of the P2. Keep in mind I am not the Tech person. More of a design person. Here are some steps I am implementing.

  1. Once a person accepts an invitation I ask them to make their first post so I know they can at least handle this simple task. It can just be a hello to the group. I will like and reply.
  2. I ask all group members on the P2 and in an E Mail to adjust their account and notificationNotification P2 notifications keep you informed about things that need your attention. On desktop find them in the bell icon in your top right corner. Also find notifications in your WordPress apps. settings. Get a picture up and also make sure they are receiving notifications in the way which works for them. If they choose to disable notifications then I tell them I hope they will check in every other day or at a frequency level appropriate for the group.
  3. This next step is critical. For the Golf Board I need everyone to be comfortable with uploading files, reviewing files, responding to questions and posting questions. So I assign to group the task of doing each of these so they can see how easy it is and if a member gets hung up I walk them through the process. Keep in mind I am working with a wide range of skill levels. The P2 format is going to scale when average people embrace the tool.
  4. Once I have everyone up to speed on the basics then I suggest they spend 10 minutes trying to do some other things. Post a picture, upload a video, use a format etc… Just so they can see.
  5. Since each group meets once a month I can deal with other features in person or on our Zoom Meetings.

For those who are enthusiastic about the format I encourage them to create their own P2.


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