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Welcome to P2 Feedback

Do you have questions, feedback, suggestions or ideas for P2? This is a direct communication channel with the team developing it at Automattic.

Feel free to ask questions in your native language. Automattic has team-mates in 77 countries.

Feature Requests: Accordion block and/or TOC

Hi P2 folks! A #featurerequest:

We’d find very helpful a simple accordion block that can collapse (show/hide) other block content. In wanting to use our P2 as a resource, we keep finding situations where it would be helpful to collapse content (in our situation, text and/or code snippets) to keep the posts from getting overly long.

Another way to keep track on unwieldy posts would be some sort of automatic table of contents block functionality (wikipedia style) that is generated at the top of the post based on heading levels therein.


Status of plans for integration with Slack?

My team has decided to begin using Slack, so I’m interested to know more about what kind of P2-Slack integration might be possible and when. The “FAQs” page indicates that more news will be coming soon. There has also been discussion of it in posts:

Long preface to asking if there’s any news on this integration? Target date? TIA!

Writing a new post plus possible Safari bug

Hi, has something changed in regard to creating a new post on this P2 forum view page?

With this P2 I don’t see any box or anyway to obviously start writing a new post except going into the black side bar and doing New Post.

In the recent past I have used the keyboard shortcut of C but this doesn’t work for me in Safari my preferred browser – is this a bug?

Am I missing something obvious?

With my own P2 there is a “Hi username what’s happening” at the top with a New Post button. However the button only works when you are in Chrome. With Safari the button doesn’t open – again a bug?


Pre-approved Email Domains and GitHub Integration

We announced a pair of new P2 product releases over on P2 Updates and wanted to share the news here. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on these new features.

Pre-approved Email Domains

With pre-approved emails, you can indicate that everyone who has an email for your company is welcome to join the P2. This can take out some management work for inviting and approving teammates.

That’s it. It’s pretty simple, and it can make P2 onboarding a smoother experience. Here’s the announcement and here is the help document.

GitHub to P2 Integration

If you are a software developer, there’s a good chance you use GitHub and will find this embed useful. If you are not a developer (like myself) but work with developers, you might want to let them know about the feature.

The GitHub embed is useful as it allows developers to share or broadcast what they are doing in GitHub on P2. For people who don’t have GitHub licenses, information can be silo’d there, but the GitHub integration opens up a window into GitHub.

Here’s an example:

Here’s the Github integration announcement and here is the help document.