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Welcome to P2 Feedback

Do you have questions, feedback, suggestions or ideas for P2? This is a direct communication channel with the team developing it at Automattic.

Feel free to ask questions in your native language. Automattic has team-mates in 77 countries.

List of posts?

Is it possible to list the titles & dates of posts? When communications range and return to topics, one way to find things is via search, but another helpful way is to be able to browse a list of titles, like you might the archive of an email group. Such a list would also be of assistance to someone new to a P2 group, enabling them to get a quick sense of topics without having to scroll thru the whole text of all posts.

Posts Display Order

Is it possible to sort Posts in date order as they were originally created? I realize the value in ordering based on most recent Post or Comment published but there are times when I want/need to see the timing and order on which Posts were created. Is this possible? Thx. M

“Page List” Block

I am wondering if the ‘Page List’ block is modifiable such that it’s possible to include a limited numebr of ‘Parent’ pages and sub pages, rather than all pages published to a P2?

I find the block is useful in the sense that it stays updated as pages are published or re-ordered. But being able to present just one parent page with sub-pages within that block would allow me to use that block for different navigational aids.

Let me know if the question is not clear. Thanks!

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