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Welcome to P2 Feedback

Do you have questions, feedback, suggestions or ideas for P2? This is a direct communication channel with the team developing it at Automattic.

Feel free to ask questions in your native language. Automattic has team-mates in 77 countries.

Unique P2 Issue?

I began using P2 for private client communications in late 2020. P2 allows me to better step into their world without all the noise of email, Slack channels, etc. I create a shared folder/file structure in Google Workspace and leverage P2 for communicating and collaboration. We’re usually 90/10 Posts to Pages but I have clients who like to move contracts, agreements, wikis, etc. to Pages.

They get P2. But generally speaking, reviews have been mixed. Those who use it love it and will likely continue to use it even when our work together has wrapped which is core to my Post and question. They tend to be the more technically savvy types. Those who begin using it then revert to their old ways are often data disorganized anyway. A work in progress – I’ll continue to work on building a list of cohorts who get P2.

There is a challenge I hadn’t considered until recently; Disposition of the P2 as we wrap up activities? When a client engagement comes to a close, how do I move the site along with all Posts/Pages to them and off My Sites? Is this possible? I presume a WordPress account is needed and with any luck I’ve converted them to a level they’ll consider using P2 going forward.

Is there a reasonably frictionless way to do this? Thx. M

Recommended integrations

We are at all volunteer team. Our internal teams use P2, however, we have a mission critical external support team that uses Slack. To avoid duplicate entries, and to keep these teams connected, are there recommended integrations that would allow the internal team to stick with P2, while the external team uses Slack? Thank you.


one of my p2 pages is unresponsive in a couple of ways:

1.- notifications don’t show up at all on the site

2. new members don’t show up when i go to the members page – even though they are interacting in the group, but i can’t manage the team as they are not showing up in there.

More updates to the sidebar

Hi there! We’re working on some updates to the top area of the sidebar, and we wanted to give you heads up so you know what’s going on once we roll out the changes.

Currently, a P2 space looks like this by default:

We’re making some changes so it looks like this:

As you can see we’re making two main modifications:

  • The header image will be a bit wider taking the whole sidebar’s width, but we’ve adjusted it to make it more compact vertically. It’ll also always have the same height (144 pixels) regardless of the background’s image size.
  • The site icon will appear right above the title. If you haven’t uploaded any icon, it’ll display the first letter of the space’s title.
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Why are we doing these changes?

  • Now that P2 supports multiple spaces, we’ve started leaning a lot more on each site’s icon to identify them. Up to this point we’ve relied on the header image as the main identifying element (alongside color) for P2s, but finding the ideal header image made customizing P2s a fairly laborious task. These changes relegate the header image to a decorative element (its original purpose), and brings the icon to the spotlight.
  • Since header images could be of any size, the sidebar was very inconsistent between P2s. These changes will make different P2 spaces much more consistent: the menu will always be in the same position, the widgets will start at the same point, etc.
  • Non-customized spaces will look much better, because they’ll have some identifying icon (the first letter of their title) by default. And they’ll look fantastic with just a tiny bit of customization.

Remember that you can change the colors, the header image and the icon in the Customizer. To access it, select “Customize this space” in the space’s options menu:

Tweaking the values in the Colors section will allow you to have a fairly unique space in just a few seconds:

If you’d like to add a background to the header, go to the Header image section and upload an image:

Finally, you can also customize the icon in the Name and description section:

As you can see, you’ll be able to have unique and identifiable P2 spaces with as little or as much effort as you’d like to dedicate.

We realize that these updates can make the sidebar of existing spaces look a bit broken, specially if you already had tall header images that will now be cut. We hope these instructions will make it quick and easy to update them, if needed. 🙌

Our plan is to release these changes tomorrow, and as always we hope you enjoy them. Please let us know if you have any issue or feedback!

Message on the toolbar

After the initial awkwardness, I started to understand and like the new toolbar (in fact, the P2 design team is extraordinary, as it was the P2 layout that made me understand the block editor), but I think the message that appears to normal members of a site somewhat confused and negative:

Most people, at least initially, will understand that the site is the Space, not the Home. It wouldn’t be better just something like: “You have access to this space.”

Draft Post Gone

I was working on a lengthy Post over a period of 10-12 days, adding data and information on the topic, one-item-at-a-time, and now it’s gone. I closed the P2 at one point to allow system updates on my device and when I re-opened the next day the Post draft was still the first thing I saw. I opened today and it doesn’t show in Posts or Drafts. Search reveals nothing.

I see no way to step back in time to restore a previous version. What have I done and is there a remedy? Thx. M

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