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Welcome to P2 Feedback

Do you have questions, feedback, suggestions or ideas for P2? This is a direct communication channel with the team developing it at Automattic.

Feel free to ask questions in your native language. Automattic has team-mates in 77 countries.

Draft Post Gone

I was working on a lengthy Post over a period of 10-12 days, adding data and information on the topic, one-item-at-a-time, and now it’s gone. I closed the P2 at one point to allow system updates on my device and when I re-opened the next day the Post draft was still the first thing I saw. I opened today and it doesn’t show in Posts or Drafts. Search reveals nothing.

I see no way to step back in time to restore a previous version. What have I done and is there a remedy? Thx. M

Welcoming The New Changelog Block

We rolled out a new block today called changelog. You can read a post about it on the somewhat new P2 Updates.

If you haven’t used a changelog it’s a nice visual representation of what your team or company is working on or where your project stands. Here’s what it looks like:

Posted news on P2Feedback.
Added a video walk-through on P2 Updates.
Right sized the screen grab.
Number of changelogs posted.

If you have any ideas for how you might use the changelog please leave a comment.

The P2 Changelog is good value

You can find standalone changelog products that cost $50 to $279 per month. In contrast with P2 it is yet another block.

Posts/Pages instead of New Posts, New Comments, My Mentions, etc.?

I can’t say I’m loving this change to P2 which I now see also affects all my own P2’s. Can someone explain the rational for the change and whether we have the option of changing it back to the way it was previously? Thanks.

Also, I see a “submit for review” button below the posting area instead of Post. AFAIK I am a Contributor here, so are there now different role permissions on P2 sites?


@jonburke, when trying to link a specific comment from this P2 in the comments section of @justjennifer blog, I noticed that there was always a card, but with a link to the topic (post), not to the comment. I tested it on other sites and saw that the same thing happened. What is that? See:

Zapier integration: posting to Slack

I’d love to integrate our company P2 into other apps. Most importantly, that would mean having automatic posts to our company Slack when a new post goes out. It seems that for this it is necessary to have the zapier plugin for wordpress. However P2 doesn’t seem to allow plugins (for good reasons I’m sure, as the wide world of wordpress plugins would certainly be too broad) – but is there another alternative to achieve what I’m trying to do? Thanks!

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